Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NAN raffle preview, lots 1 & 27

Here's something you don't see on my blog every day--a whole herd of new in box Breyers! 
These models comprise the 2011 NAN raffle's New in Box Breyer Extravaganza.  Like the raffle itself, this lot is the brainchild of my friend, Teresa Buzzell.  
Teresa is a hobby fixture.  She collects, shows, judges and serves on the NAMHSA board.  She is not, however, an artist.  She doesn't sculpt, paint, customize or make tack.   
Hobbyists like Teresa don't usually get asked to donate to the NAN auction or raffle.   After all, there are only so many spaces on the table.  It's in NAMHSA's best interest to solicit donations that will bring the most bang for the buck.  
Knowing this, Teresa decided to create a way for the non-artistically inclined to donate.   After all, everyone has a new in box Breyer or two they can spare.  If those models were pooled together, they could become a pretty exciting lot in and of themselves.
So far there have been three donors--Yashka Hallein, Jennifer Pomerance and myself.  The models include two Breyerfest celebration horses, two WalMart special runs and a one day Breyerfest ticket horse.  Best of all, the tickets for this lot are just one dollar.  Even if you're not an OF collector, that's a lot of bang for your buck!
Teresa is still taking donations for this lot.  If you have a nice new in box Breyer you'd like to donate, please contact her at .
Let me be clear, this last horse is not part of the New in Box Breyer Extravaganza.  Instead, this is Lot 27, a Special Run WEG Media model donated by Breyer.  He is one of the $5 ticket items.
Be sure to check the NAN Raffle website for more information on all the raffle items!


  1. Lot 8 is not the WEG horse :) The WEG guy is 27... Lot 8 is Vicky Norris's saddle.

  2. Oops! How'd I manage to goof THAT up? Obviously, I can't read. Or something. In any event, it's fixed now!


  3. Glad you posted this :). I am definitely going to buy a few tickets!

  4. i emailed you about some tack and was wondering if you got the email or not. i sent it to braymere@comcast my email is if you could get back to me thatd be fantastic! thanks so much

  5. Sorry, tentoonehundred. I'm a good blogger but a bad correspondent. Life has been very busy lately and I've fallen behind on my email.

    That said, I'm not taking orders at this time. I am booked solid through Breyerfest at the very least. More likely it will be fall before I have some openings. As always, tack slots are announced here first and then on MH$P.

  6. I should also add that my NAN raffle donation will be a classic scale set. No guarantees, but it's quite likely it will fit your model. Tickets are just $1 each!

  7. no its ok!! i completely understand.