Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NAN raffle sneaky peeky

Slowly but surely, NAN raffle lot #24 is beginning to take shape...
If you are interested in this item, be sure to check the NAN raffle webpage for ticket information.  


  1. OOOOhhh...I'm thinking...Classics scale saddle? or smaller? LOL, I think I may end up buying a raffle ticket...or two...or more! ;-) When is the deadline for ticket purchases? And do you have to be present to win? ( I certainly won't be present if I did enter...too far to drive, darn it!)

  2. It's classic scale. I built it on the new Breyer WB but will try it on several others for final photos. If it's merited, I'll likely include two girths. I do want the winner to be able to use it on as many models as possible!

    As for the questions, be sure to read the FAQ on the raffle page. I know that you do NOT have to be present to win but am unsure of the deadline.


  3. Horray!! :)

    No, you do not need to be present to win but you do pay your own shipping costs if you win!

    And I'll be closing things off online before I leave. I do not have a firm date but you'll be safe if you purchase your tickets by June 10.