Sunday, May 8, 2011

Home sweet home

My brother in law got married yesterday.
Seth was the best man...
so we all got to dress up and pretend we were "fancier" than we really are.
Jason and his new wife live near St. Louis, Missouri.  Most of our week was dedicated to travel and wedding stuff, but we did spend one day exploring the city. 
Saint Louis may not look especially horsey in the above photo, but horses are everywhere.  
I will share some of my favorite St. Louis horses with you tomorrow.
For now I'm too busy enjoying being home!


  1. The guys look snazzy and you do too Jennifer :)

  2. Girl! You were in St Louis and you didn't tell us SLAMmers (St Louis Area Modelers)!? We could have showed you ALL the best places!

  3. Thanks, T!

    Laura--I thought about asking but this really was a family trip. We only had one day to play and that was spent doing things *everyone* was interested in. I had to be a little creative to find my horses, and I know I missed most of the best ones. Still, I'm not complaining!

  4. I hope you took your boys to the City Museum! It was the highlight of my trip to St Louis my freshman year of college.

  5. The seahorse picture was taken at the City Museum. That place is absolutely amazing. I took tons and tons of photos, most of which will end up on my other blog. According to Ryan and James, that museum was worth the 14 hour drive in and of itself!