Monday, May 30, 2011

Springamathing resin halter

Some days you have it, some days you don't.

The Braymere crew definitely had it at the Springamathing live show held last Saturday in Golden, Colorado.  Emma may have been the day's brightest star, but my halter horses definitely earned their oats as well.  This was apparent from the start when my two "bay boys" earned the top slots in the Arabian stallion class.
A few minutes later, my third bay boy Jafar followed suit and won the Arabian Mare/Gelding class.
Andromeda Melody kept the streak alive by winning the National Show Horse class...
and UVM Right Royal brought made it four for four with his victory in the Morgan class.  He is shown next to a Jennifer Scott Darcy resin that was customized and painted by Tiffany Purdy.  Don't they look cute together?
There were lots of Braymere horses on the Light Breed callback table...
Still, I was surprised when top honors went to little Jafar.  Not bad for a "body" horse!
Sport horses were next.  My Eberl Valentino by Tom Bainbridge won the Solid Colored Warmblood class... 
and my Bogucki Showman by Renna Moss won the Patterned Warmblood class.
Navah Joe surprised me with his victory in the Carriage Breed class.
I had two horses in the Other/Mix Sport class.  Sweet Basil was fifth and Frank was first.  
The Sport Horse callback table.  Adonis Z (the Valentino) was the champion. 
On to the stock horses!  Love N Stuff was second in Quarter Horses... 
and my Liesl Dalpe duo were second and fifth in Paints.
This Darling resin had been in-progress when I visited Jenn's studio earlier in the week.  
Ditto with this Llanura.  It was so neat to see them all finished up!
The Spanish/Gaited division was next.  This is not usually my strongest division...
but my horses ended up winning both the Reserve Champion...
and Champion rosettes.
Drafters were next.  Sheila's chestnut Scarlett bested my chestnut Scarlett in the Belgian class.
Dhaulagiri won the Percheron class. 
My two Purdy mules were one-two in the Exotics/Long Ear class.  Hurray!  Now Emma has one green card to go with all her pink ones!
I was really, really tired by the time the pony classes rolled around.  Although I show a whole herd of ponies, Dagobert was the only one who got a picture.
Pony Reserve Champ was this Eberl Arabian painted and shown by Sheila Anderson Bishop.
Champion was Teresa Fedak's Polly Wog.
No foal division photos--sorry!  Honestly, I was so tired that it was a miracle my horses actually made it to the Championship Callback table.
And the big winner is--my own Adonis Z!!!
Many thanks to judge Kirsten Wellman, show host Heather Roell and the Peter Stone Company!


  1. Congratulations to your big success!! ;-) Soo many beautiful horses... ;-)

  2. Wow! GREAT haul you managed to get yourself there! :D