Monday, May 23, 2011

Aspen Leaf Studios tour

What a wonderful day I had today!  I got the kids off to school and then drove the mountain to visit my friend Jennifer Scott at her home in Evergreen.  The main purpose of my trip was to learn a bit about painting, but the first order of business was meeting the real horses, Rocky and Merlyn.
The next stop on the Aspen Leaf Studios tour was the back porch or mold making station.
Jenn is a one woman factory.  She sculpts, casts and paints her own horses.  This is the inside of Darling's mold...
and this is Llanura standing next to the outside of her mold.
Moving on into the basement, here is the upainted shelf.
I especially love the customizing on Deb McDermott Gomez resin!
Finally--the painting station.
Although Jenn is primarily an oil painter, she uses an airbrush to apply the base coat.  I had never held an airbrush prior to today, so she gave me a quick lesson.  This is her airbrush base coat demo model.  Trust me, you don't want to see the one I painted--it's hideous!  
Once the base coats were done, Jenn mixed up some oils and went to work on Jane's previously base coated Rose Reiner.  I am a huge fan of Jenn's finishwork so this was such a treat.  I took lots of pictures documenting the process and am looking forward to seeing the finished project at the Springamathing live show on Saturday.
Of course, no one learns a new skill in one day.  I have a long way to go before my painting abilities match my ambitions.  Still, thanks to Jenn, those ambitions suddenly seem a lot more attainable.  Now all I need is an airbrush and some better acrylic paints and some oil paints and some pigments and... 


  1. I'm supposed to get some more wonderful things at Springamathing for the raffle...including a copy of Jenn's Quick Draw :)

    I will enjoy seeing Jane's reiner done though!

  2. Airbrush also works great for dyeing leather, which I know you struggle with. Seriously!

  3. I love seeing inside peoples studios, especially when they feature one of my horsies! That gorgeous Justin Tyme resin will be heading over the pond when he's done.

  4. Lauren, I didn't know that was your Justin Thyme. Jenn actually used that horse as a before and after demo for the effect of pigments. The "after" side is really amazing. You will be so pleased!