Sunday, February 27, 2011

Buffalo Bill's Birthday Bash

My family is not remotely horsey so I'm always pleased when I can find a somewhat horse related event that everyone can enjoy.  Today that event was Buffalo Bill's 165th Birthday Party at the Buffalo Bill Museum in Golden, Colorado.
There were lots of Buffalo Bills in attendance...
 plus all the free cupcakes and ice cream a boy could eat.
My kids competed in the Buffalo Chip Toss and also enjoyed the other amenities.  This is Ryan posing as Buffalo Bill.
James took a walk on the wild side and opted to masquerade as Annie Oakley...  Actually, I think he just liked the gun!
Horse shaped objects abound at the museum gift shop. 
I think this bench would look really good in my studio!
Of course we also visited the museum.
Although small, this is a very well thought out museum with several interactive kid features.
James and I had way too much fun in the Dress-Up Like a Cowboy section.
 Check out those gloves!
Every cowboy needs a... cow?
This is better (I told you--they're not horsey!). 
The only known picture of Seth in a cowboy hat.
Ryan wouldn't dress up, but he did work on his roping skills.
Oh yeah, there's also some really nifty tack in that museum.
I haven't finished editing photos, however, so you will have to wait for the rest.  In the meantime, here's a look at one of the views from the museum parking lot.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love living in Colorado?


  1. Did I tell ya that I got married a little bit down the road from the museum? (LOVE Lookout Mountain!)

    Seth is certainly a good sport. Sounds like you guys had a great time at the party :)

  2. Wow - thanks for sharing! That looks like fun! One of these days I'm coming down to Colorado, with my parents and brothers or not! My cousin lives in Boulder, so we'd have TWO excuses for a road-trip!

  3. That landscape looks fantastic!!

  4. California is better!