Monday, February 21, 2011

Regaining momentum

No exaggeration--I spent most of Wednesday and Thursday working on Dagmar's Portuguese saddle.  Even when I wasn't actually sitting in my studio, my mind was consumed with thoughts about the saddle's construction.  I was so obsessed that I actually dreamed about making the cantle!

And then...  Life happened.  The saddle got put aside for a day, then two days, then three.  I had completely lost my momentum.

Today I decided it was time to reverse the trend.  Even though I really wasn't feeling inspired, I forced myself to work on the little side panels.  That went pretty well so I pushed on to the stirrups and stirrup leathers.  After that, there was no stopping me.  I wasn't going to stop until the saddle and all the attached pieces were finished.
Top view. 
Bottom view.
I still need to make a girth and breastplate, but that shouldn't be a problem.  I've regained my momentum and nothing's going to stop me now!


  1. I wish I was 1/9th scale. I want to sit in it as it just looks so comfortable!

  2. Wow, imagine my surprise when you mentioned this saddle is for lil' ol' me!! I need to send your our mailing address as I don't think you have our new one, so LMK your email addy and I'll send that to you! I'm still in a state of "Wow" as this saddle looks fantastic!! :-)


  3. Hi Dagmar,

    I am SO glad you're pleased. My email address is braymere @ comcast. net (no spaces). I did drop you a line about a week ago, but I bet I have your old email address as well!

  4. I know - wouldn't that be nice if we could just shrink ourselves down to Breyer-size and ride our plastic ponies? I'd love it!

  5. Lookin' excellent Jennifer!

  6. You are just so superfantabulous amazing! I've been in a slump lately too, just because of crazy stuff that just keeps cropping up. I get started, then life interrupts, then started again... *sigh* But your set is started and on the table ;).

  7. Wow, it is really turning out nice. I am catching up a few posts and think it looks awesome. I too want to sit in it (XXL please, lol).

    Hope your kiddo is doing ok.