Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finishing things

Back in the days before anyone wanted to buy my tack, I almost never finished things.  Oh, my intentions were good, but somewhere along the line I'd get bored or frustrated or run out of supplies.  Whatever I happened to be working on would be put aside in favor of something newer and more exciting.

Now that I take commissions, I have to finish things.  

Still, old habits die hard.  When I get stuck on one project, I often move on to another.  Lately, this has resulted in a log jam of almost finished orders.  Yesterday I decided that things were getting out of control so I forced myself to finish Sophie's halter,

both the dressage saddles, 
Marci's Tennessee Walking Horse set,
and Chip's saddle blanket.
Whew!  That was a lot of work.  I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!


  1. Sounds like a productive day! I'd love to own one of those saddles... unfortunately I can't afford it.

  2. WOW! Talk about productively! Pass a little my way? ;)

  3. Well,the thing about almost finished projects is that they really don't require a lot of work before they're finished! The halter only needed a throatlatch and a quick trip to Michaels provided me with the perfect chain. While I was there, I bought the blue paint I needed to finish the TWH set. Really, both of those projects were so close to being finished it wasn't even funny! The dressage saddles were all done except for the panels, and at this point in my tackmaking career I find panels to be really easy. Likewise with the saddle blanket--all the hard work (i.e. the cross stitch) was done. All that was left was the finishing.

    So--not as impressive as it seems, but still a good day's work!

  4. Even more impressive considering all the answered phone calls and invalid dog visits you made!
    - Carol

  5. It's beautiful! I'm so excited - thank you!!!

  6. WOW! Yes, some productivity this way, please :)

    Where do you get those gold spots that is on the arabian halter? I have been looking for ones like that, they look perfect!

  7. Wow - give yourself a big pat on the back! Beautiful work and what a variety!

  8. Oh, what gorgeous tack! I particularly love the dressage saddle on the right. :D I know what it's like to be a bit of a procrastinator - I started custom commissions a year or two ago and still have half painted models in progress for people! XD

    I've been following your blog for a while now but never managed to get round to commenting until now! Your tack tips have really helped me improve my own tack and I finally managed to get round to trying some tongued buckles recently!

  9. How do you do the edge on the saddle blankets? I have been perplexed as to how that is done forever!

  10. How do you put the piping on the saddle? :}