Sunday, February 13, 2011

Darcy the diva

A couple years ago, my husband bought me a portable photo tent for my birthday.
 It's easy to set up and allows me to take professional looking pictures with a minimal amount of effort.
There's only one problem--it's a little too small to use with traditional sized models. Fortunately, I am nothing if not resourceful, and I've become quite adept at whipping up temporary photo tents in my living room.  I've been doing this a lot lately as I've been working on pictures for an upcoming blog series.
Most of my models live in the basement, so the photo tent is often left unattended while I carry models up and down the stairs... 

Every single person with indoor pets knows where this is going, right?  Darcy won't stay out of my photo tent!
I can't decide if the tent is really that comfortable or if Darcy just thinks she's that cute.  Either way, I can't resist taking her picture each and every time!


  1. You know, I've always wanted to get a photo tent thing set up so I can shoot some of my customs but I never manage to get round to it!

    D'awwww, Darcy's looking very at home there in front of the lens!

  2. It is quite obvious that she thinks that she is at least that photogenic! Look at that come hither gaze.

  3. Obviously, she's trying to tell you that the DOG is much more fun than the ponies :)

  4. That's so cute!! The tent is the perfect size for her. She is very photogenic!

  5. She probably thinks she's found the best snow cave in the world! A warm one!