Monday, February 7, 2011

End of an era

A few days ago I received an envelope containing the most recent issue of Just About Horses magazine.  
There wasn't a return address on the envelope, but I feel greatly indebted to my anonymous donor.  This just might be the best issue of Just About Horses yet.  Aside from the article about the WEG Diorama Project, there were also nice pieces on sculpting manes and tails and Extreme Cowboy Racing as well as regular features like Vintage Point and reader artwork.  I pulled out the subscription card with every intention of renewing...  

And then I heard the news--by this time next year, Just About Horses will cease to exist as a print magazine.  Here's the official statement from Reeves:
 In 2011, we will be publishing JAH magazine on a quarterly schedule: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. And, in 2012, we plan to meld much of the editorial that you love about JAH into a digital format which will appear on, Breyer Model Horses on Facebook, Hoofbeats, our e-newsletter, breyerhorses on Twitter and breyermodelhorses on YouTube. We believe that we can serve our fans of all ages better with a more robust digital presence and website that are current, compelling and loaded with rich content that can better serve both newcomers to the model horse hobby and long-time collecters, customizers and showers.
This makes me really, really sad.  I still remember receiving my first issue of Just About Horses way back in 1980.
The magazine was much smaller back then, both in the size and number of pages.  Content was a bit light...
but already contained the familiar mix of articles about both real and model horses.  

Oh, I think I must have read those articles at least a thousand times!  I wanted to be the girl in the first story, and I wanted to own the remade Proud Arabian Stallion in the second...  Just About Horses was my introduction to the model horse hobby and filled my dreams with horses of all shapes and sizes.

Perhaps Reeves no longer needs Just About Horses to help them introduce new molds...
but what about all the little girls who carry their magazines around in their backpacks so they can study the pictures and memorize the articles and dream about all the horses they want to own someday?  What about us? 


  1. Oh! I didn't see that in there! That's so sad - I mean, I know there are alot of people who prefer the Internet to in-hand written books and such these days...I guess that will be my excuse for not renewing *sighs*

    Actually, they may be having financial difficulties, which would explain the drop in quality of their models (the OF factory models) and the late delivery of the magazines...

    Still makes me sad! :-(

  2. The Sundance Image was my first JAH too! It's what made me decide that I wanted an Appaloosa instead of an Arabian when I got a real one. Still haven't had either, but hardly have any model Arabians, except those before that issue!

    I'm really sad about it ending, too. I realize we'll still have it online in some form, but I'll miss holding it in my hands, and collecting them.

  3. I didn't see it either! Oh no! I don't know if I kept any of my old JAHs, but I started subscribing in 1979!

    So I guess the Conn. series will also cease, too. Or will they just open them up to anyone who sees it online?

    Wow. :-(

  4. The announcement wasn't made in Just About Horses, but it's all over Blab. A number of people have received subscription refunds with the same form letter (excerpted in the post). I figure when they start returning money, you know it's official...

    I don't think it's the end of the Connoisseur series, but I could be mistaken. Only time will tell, I suppose!

  5. That makes me so MAD!!! We need to start a petition against this! Their website right now is not functional. How long have the WEG been over and that was still front page on their site? Are they going to open up the store stuff to outside the states? There are always a lot of comments on FB from those in Canada and the UK, complaining that they can't make SR purchases from their store. I cherish those magazines in my hands. I literally have taken them apart and put them into binders for reference material.

    Ok, rant over, at least on here. Time to go find my login info for Blab and read this.

  6. That's so sad... I really like having the information in my hands. I suppose the articles will be printable, but still...

    I'm tired of everything going digital! LOL.

    If there ever was a petition, I'd sign it! :)

  7. Hello,
    please , can you scan more JAH pages , even from new JAH ? I absolutelly love that magazines,but its so hard to find it in our country. When I heard that they want to stop making JAH... It stil makes my cry :( Please,it means a lot for me. I want to read just a few issues , before they will do it in stupid digital style :(

  8. So sorry to hear this! I really prefer the printed version and of course I collect every little catalog from each breyer horse. Maybe they will cease that too....

  9. not surprised, really. First, Breyer isn't really known for it's desire to satisfy it's customers.

    Second, even larger print mags are starting down this path, and I'm pissed! The Chronicle of the Horse is now screwing it's readership out of 12 print issues a year. Instead of 52 print issues, we "get" a "super special on-line magazine" once a month and they send fewer print issues to make up for it. WAAAHHH??? Oh, and darn tootin' it costs the same. The justification? "We've changed the format many times in the last (80?) years." Translation: get over it.

  10. I got a letter with my check returned. I'm not totally upset - I know how expensive it is to print things and how much of a wiser marketing plan it is to go digital whenever possible.

    I have to send a check for $15 to cover the rest of the year's magazines by the 1st of the year. This, I will be doing ASAP.

  11. Oh no! This is going to be pretty sad :c

    Even though in Australia, JAH costs a lot of money to subscribe to, I still subscribe every year because it's about all the information I can get on the hobby.

    We're so far behind the hobby but JAH is what keeps me informed! I'm really going to miss it. Alas, I still have no idea how much money I will have to pay for the next issues. Usually I pay $30 plus $10 for the exchange rate.

    Geez this is going to confuse me if I pay the wrong amount and don't end up getting the magazines.