Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow and ice

I am officially tired of winter.  It seems like we've only had two weather conditions lately--really cold and really snowy.  Today it's snowy.
My dogs don't like subzero temperatures any more than I do, but they don't mind the snow.
They had a big time playing in it today.
It's hard to believe that Maggie is thirteen years old.
She plays pretty hard for such an old lady!
What a good girl!


  1. Darcy is really pretty in that first picture.

  2. It looks like they were having a blast!

  3. Darcy doesn't know how lucky she is to have Maggie as her big sister. I know most dog's Maggie's age wouldn't tolerate all of Darcy's puppy antics. I'm quite sure Abbie would have shredded her by now!

  4. She certainly is a patient big sister! Darcy BIT her!

  5. Darcy bites her all the time. Darcy is a BRAT.

  6. Oh, I am SO done with winter!! This week there is a stretch of 4 days with temps barely making it to 10 above and sitting in the low single digits on both sides of 0. BOO!!!