Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Although I moved into my little studio almost a year ago (, it's taken me a long time to warm up to the space. Mostly I've used the room to store things while I'm not working on them. As a result, the entire room has become something of a catch-all for all kinds of family clutter. You've seen the pictures. It hasn't been pretty.

It's almost a new year, though, and that's the perfect excuse for a new beginning. I've spent the last day cleaning and organizing and this is how my studio looks now:
Here's a better look at the main work area. I've arranged the most commonly used tools and supplies to be within easy arm's reach.
The other end of the table is mostly dedicated to storage, but my goal is to keep it clean enough so that another person could conceivably work there (anyone want to come have a tack day with me?). The two lying down resins are both upstairs for repairs. Trooper has a chipped ear and poor Danzante has a broken leg.
Honestly, I'd rather not have any horses on the work area, but it beats the floor which is where Danzante was yesterday!This is what the shelves looked like yesterday...
And today! I relocated all the shipping boxes and most of the supplies so that I would have more room to display some of my favorite horses. This may not have been the most practical use of the space, but it makes me happy to look up there and see models rather than stuff.Another change that makes me happy involves the top of Maggie's dog crate. This had been one of the most cluttered and disorganized parts of the entire room.Now it's become home to my studio entertainment and research center.
I'm not done. I still need a better chair and a good desk lamp. I also want to get some pictures on the wall and add some more plastic storage bins. Still, I'm feeling pretty good about the way this is going. I can hardly wait until the boys go back to school so I can spend an entire day in my new and improved studio!


  1. Looking good. I need to re-do a tail that broke of a breyer I was given. I am going to re-paint it but what paints do you think would be best to start with after primering it?

  2. It's looking good! Hopefully you'll get used to working in there. I know my work areas are scattered about the house and I wish I could get it all in one area like you've got.

  3. Yeah... that's what mine always looks like the day after I clean, and then it's back to the way it was before... and I have about twice the desk space, so you can only imagine.

  4. I think I need to move the laptop into my work space too. I don't to spend very long in there because I need to check the desktop pc to see if I'd had any work coming in (I do web design so I have to be on top of my email). So maybe if I work off the laptop a few days a week I can get more fun stuff done.

  5. That looks good! I will come have a tack day with you! If only I lived closer... :)

  6. ooh, I need to come visit and see the "new" space :)

    Not that I minded the old space of course!

  7. I am mildly jealous of your studio and the studios of all my artist friends. I think if I had a space where I could leave out my sewing machine at the very least I might be able to get more done. I wish I was close enough to come play. I love watching people work.

  8. *Gasp!* I couldn't help but notice three stablemates on the lowest shelf in this picture. I thought you didn't collect minis!! ;) (P.S. Love the blog!)

  9. Busted!

    I don't collect them, but that doesn't mean that the house is completely mini-free. Most were won at shows, but I think I did *buy* the little jumper. I have an excuse, though. I needed to build a saddle on him!