Saturday, December 12, 2009

NAN Auction 2010

Oh, I can't believe I have to think about this already!

Earlier this week I received my invitation to participate in the 2010 NAN Auction. Once again, I will teaming up with Jane Schneider to create a top quality doll and tack package. This was our 2009 donation.
And our 2008 donation (horse by Jennifer Scott).
We are thinking of doing a sidesaddle package this year--maybe Western, maybe English, maybe modern, maybe not... It's so hard to decide. Please send us your input. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated!


  1. This site has some really cool side saddle styles:

    I really like the Papillion western side saddle, and the english Lorie Retro and Dragonfly saddles. I never realized there were so many different kinds!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Sidesaddle would be a fun one, esp. since very few people do sidesaddles compared to regular saddles. Plus the design is just so elegant, western or english.

  3. I think a western sidesaddle would be the coolest since i haven't seen a lot of these out there and breyer has released a sidesadlle set.
    But whatever you choose to do i bet it'll be awesome!

  4. I agree - western side saddle would be really interesting. Bet you have fun getting the doll to sit!

  5. making dolls that can sit sidesaddle is not too hard, it just takes a little surgery...

  6. Hm, anyone know what this year's NAN theme is? That might help in narrowing down the choices.

    As for me, I'd also love to see a nice Western SS. I personally love the Aarbo show saddle on the site Marci posted.

    Personally, though, I would really love to see a nice saddleseat set in a super dark brown with the browband/cavesson/day coat in burgandy, hunter green or (my favorite option) plum purple.

  7. I have the same dilemma, what to do for the NAN auction. I have seen very few really good English sidesaddles and would love to see you do one.

  8. Whatever your little heart desires :D I know it'll be lovely!

    (Yes, I'm unhelpful!)

  9. I vote for either an English Sidesaddle (not necessarily historic) or an accurate (FLAT) foxhunting set... Nobody does accurate flat "traditional" hunting gear... Or you could do something like an Appointments class (do they still do those?? when i was a kid they did...) for the hunters with everything spot on.. sewn in pelham bit, sandwich case & flask, crochet back gloves under the girth on the right side, just peeking out under the saddle flap... THAT would be uber cool.

    I'm not really a western performance person just yet, but i'd LOVE to see an english sidesaddle..

    And of course I'll drool over whatever you decide to donate, because it's always gorgeous. ;)

  10. How about an antique side-saddle like the restored one here:
    I like the carpet seat!

  11. I put in a vote for a western sidesaddle, I can't say I've seen a model scale one yet!

  12. Wow your donations are amazing! I love the 2009 one! Is that endurance? Or eventing? My first thought was eventing but then I saw the crupper, and the vet. ;)