Saturday, December 5, 2009

On not being organized

Remember those two dressage saddles I made a couple weeks ago? I sold one to Karen. That one is currently in the hands of the US Postal Service as it makes its way to Maryland. The other saddle belongs to Sheila and it is MIA.

I wish I was kidding, but I'm not. Somehow I have managed to lose a saddle.

The last time I remember seeing it was at the Spooky Turkey 2 Live Show. I brought it to show Sheila and it spent most of the show day sitting atop her lovely Deputed Duke resin.
I know I retrieved it before I went home, and I know I didn't leave it at the show hall.

Unfortunately that's just about all I know. I have unpacked my resins and looked in the bottoms of their traveling tubs. No saddle. I have emptied the backpack I brought to the show. No saddle. I have looked in my car, in my studio, in my bedroom. No saddle. I have looked and looked and looked and I can not for the life of my imagine where I put that saddle. It is driving me absolutely crazy. How does anyone lose a saddle?

(Probably it has something to do with the general state of disorganization in my house, see below.)
So now I'm going to go clean my studio again and this time it's going to be the deep clean. That saddle's got to be here somewhere, right?


  1. oh no! I have lost all kinds of things while making dolls. Right now I am on the hunt for a missing hand. Really, a hand. The newer Breyer dolls sometimes lose pieces if you look at them funny and then I have to rebuild them (I have several bionic people out there). But this time I lost the broken off hand before I could fix it. Good luck with the saddle search.

  2. Thats not good... it drives me insane when I lose stuff. Good luck finding it!

  3. ugh! I know how you feel - I keep losing SM sized horses. I'm down to only missing 1 and I'd like to know where his clinky-ness is!

    I'm sure you'll find him. Crossed fingers though!

  4. That really stinks. I've panicked over lost tack before too and it's usually because by the end of the weekend at a live show all of my tack is in such incredible disarray that I'm lucky I don't loose ALL of it! I hope you find that saddle - it seems like it has to be somewhere and it sure was pretty on the Deputed Duke!

  5. I've said on Blab and I'll say it here: houses need search engines. ;) It would help me find the reference books, buckles, and props I keep losing.

    Hope you find your saddle soon!

  6. I'll look in my box of stuff that I brought to Spooky Turkey for you! I don't think its there but maybe! I need Anne to tell me how to fix those Breyer doll hands, I'm ready to petition Breyer to make those wrists stronger. I've actually tossed doll bodies in the trash because of missing hands.

  7. You have no idea how happy I am to hear that I'm not the only person who does things like this. I was ready to get out the dunce cap yesterday. I just couldn't believe I'd lost something I'd spent so much time on!

    Thankfully, I did find it eventually and now my studio is cleaner than it's been in months :)

  8. I'm glad you found it! I lost the connection piece between the breatcollar and the front girth of a western saddle Pam Perkins made me... I have no idea how it fell off, but am pretty sure the vacuum cleaner got it before I could find it. Luckily Pam made me a new one! I also am constantly losing my envelope of NAN cards... I need to clean out the horse room myself!