Sunday, December 20, 2009

Not a horse

I love my children--I really do--but I think there's something wrong with them. They think this is a horse.OK, I suppose that it is vaguely horselike in a six-legged, anteater-headed sort of way... but still, It's not a horse. It just isn't.
And would someone please tell James that these are not horseshoes? Probably my kids know these things and they are just trying to drive me crazy.



  1. It's the start of winter break, of COARSE they are trying to make you crazy :)
    I am pretty sure mine are trying to make me crazy as well. It may just be a looong two weeks.

  2. So what, I think you went through high school not knowing what a dress was!

  3. A horse from Avatar! Cool! They do look pretty odd, but they are major cool in the movie.
    Are you going to take the boys? It's a FUN movie.

  4. Anne--I think you're right. It's all part of a plot to make me crazy during Winter Break?
    Mom--I *knew* what a dress was. I just didn't see any reason to wear one. I still don't, mostly.
    Kellye--Is Avatar kid friendly? I'm sure they'd love to go. Usually we wait until movies are at the $2 theater, but every now and again we splurge. Winter Break is probably a good excuse for that kind of extravagance!

  5. OMG, I just got back from Avatar and am going to sculpt one of those! hehehe. That totally doesn't do them justice. And as far as kid friendly, I would say it is. Some language may not be (no f-bombs or whatnot, but there are military guys). And there are a few suggestions, but nothing shown. I'd take kids (I think it's PG-13).

  6. Swear to god I looked at the stirrups for about 30 seconds going "what are they if they aren't horse shoes"...


    The 6 legged thing.. it's from Avatar eh? I really must see that (after Christmas I think though). ;)

    Julie, that you even HAVE a $2 theater around you makes me jealous. We used to have $4 Tues afternoons.. now THAT has gone to $7 too. And popcorn is a 'must have' for me too... bet this is one movie though that can't wait for Netflix however (not on my old TV at least). :D

  7. Jennifer - Avatar IS kid friendly, as long as they can sit for 2.75 hrs. It was VERY cool and VERY good (and NOT gory.) The 6 legged horse thing was MUCH more cool in the movie too.

    I got my tix for Cinnebarr and they were $6 :) And the theater wasn't even HALF full.

  8. Well, if thats a horse, I'm a snake lover xD