Friday, December 18, 2009

Random dog story

If you were to visit my studio you might notice this poor mangled stirrup hanging from a thumbtack on the wall. It doesn't look like much, but it's one of my favorite things in the entire room.
That stirrup is all that's left of a Sue Rowe dressage saddle that belonged to my friend Trisha fifteen years ago. I wasn't a tackmaker then. I had never attended a live show and my entire collection was made up of original finish Breyers. Still, I was aware of the hobby. I had several hobbyist penpals and a subscription to The Hobby Horse News. I was intrigued by all the cool things I saw in that magazine--the customs, the resins and especially the tack. When my friend told me she'd bought a model sized dressage saddle I just had to see it in person. That might have been a problem since she lived in Colorado and I lived in Tennessee. However, Trish is a really good friend. She stuck the saddle in a box and mailed it to me.
And then my puppy ate it!
I felt so bad! Abbie wasn't a terribly chewy pup, but she completely destroyed Trisha's saddle. The stirrup and stirrup leather were the only parts that survived. The rest was just... gone.

Of course I bought her a new one. It cost forty dollars and I had it shipped directly to Trish. I really wanted to see that one in person, too, but I didn't trust myself to keep it safe. Luckily, Trish said the replacement was even nicer than the original.
Trisha's second Sue Rowe dressage saddle
So, all's well that ends well, but I still do not like being responsible for other people's treasures!


  1. Hi, a few years ago the mail carrier left a package outside by our garage, our dog who was tied up outside near the garage had alot of fun ripping the package open and using a fairly expensive model as her new chew toy. I had thought insurance was included as the postage I paid was more than enough to include insurance, but no insurance. Two important lessons learned, 1) make sure you know what is included with the postage paid and 2) all packages too big for the mailbox are kept at the PO until I can pick them up.

  2. Puppy Abbie is So darling! I bet it was hard to be mad at her :-)

  3. Ha! I already knew that Abbie wasn't the first dog to do something like this. A few years ago I had a customer whose dog ate her new BCS saddle before she'd even unwrapped it. Ironically, that was also a dressage saddle. Maybe they taste better?

    Jane, I think this entire post was written to give myself a reason for posting adorable baby Abbie pictures. I can't believe she's almost 16!

  4. Wow. Thats not good. But I would definatly have trouble getting mad at such a cute puppy! :)

  5. As you know...I am especially sympathetic to this particular experience. :D

  6. There is no need for any excuse to post baby pet photos. Which reminds me, I need to get Flick's baby photos off his papers scanned in. He was the MOST adorable baby!