Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Not enough time

I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed and frantic this week. The kids only have a few days left of school and there is just so much to do in that little bit of time. Aside from the usual tack and family stuff, I'm also trying to finish my Christmas shopping, bake cookies for my husband's work cookie exchange, design our family Christmas card, box up and mail a Secret Santa gift... And that's just today's list! All this running around hasn't left a lot of time or energy for blogging so today's post is going to be another one that's more pictures than words.

I have a habit of collecting reference pictures for really elaborate performance set-ups. Given the demands on my time, I realize I will probably never be able to create these scenes myself. For some reason, that doesn't bother me. Sometimes I think I enjoy the planning stages as much as the actual building stages.

Today's pictures are a perfect example of this. How cool would it be to build a pony ride like this?
Although this real life pony ride features six ponies, I think my model scale one would work just fine with four.
In addition to the ponies, I would need a hot walker of sorts and a fence. Probably I could build those myself given enough time. Or maybe I would find someone to do it for me.
I would definitely make the tack myself. I love that the ponies' names are on their saddle blankets. That's a detail I'd be sure to copy.
One thing I would not be able to make myself is the dolls, and this set-up would need a lot of them. There would be excited riders, bored handlers, proud camera toting parents, and those poor wistful kids on the outside looking in and wishing they were the one on the pony.
Here is a detail shot I would use to help me build the saddles. Note the seat belt attached to the cantle.
Close up of the seat belt.
I have two nice resin ponies that would work perfectly for this. That leaves me two more to go. Maybe one should be a nice chestnut tobiano...
Or perhaps an adorable, fuzzy sabino roan? The possibilities are endless!
Oh, If only I could say the same about my time! Speaking of which, I'd better stop my dreaming and get back to work...


  1. That would make a very interesting live show setup! It would definatly get the judges' attention. I see a NAN qualifying entry in your future... :)

  2. Gaylene Kirkpatrick had a very cute and successful pony ride setup will all NL shetland ponys. It was way cute. She always had a lot of wacky wierd fun ideas in performance, she is greatly missed. I say go for it!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. It *is* on my to-do list, but I'd say the estimated completion time is 2020, give or take a couple years!

    The NL Shetland is a perfect choice for a pony ride mount. I bet that was a cute set-up. I don't suppose you have a picture?

    I never met Gaylene. I "knew" her a little from the various hobby boards, but I was still affected by her death. I hope her husband and son are doing ok. Such a great loss... :(

  4. What a great idea for a setup!! Wow! I will have to share my pictures of the Parker Carriage Parade with you, too, there were so many adorable ponies decorated up for Christmas and pulling cute vehicles!

  5. You know everybody needs dolls :)
    But seriously, that would be a fun group of dolls to make (and trading is fun as well!) I hope you get that set-up together I would love to see it.

  6. I used to love doing the pony ride when I was little! The pony ride pony farm used to be down the street from me when I was really young; they ended up moving to another more rural town (next to my grandparents, ironically), but it was neat to walk down and see them growing up!

    The farm also had where you could rent one or two ponies with handlers for birthday parties; that would be another cute set up!

  7. Jane--I wish I had known about that! Maybe next year we can go together.
    Anne--I actually thought of you as I was writing that part of the post. I was *this* close to writing "because everyone needs dolls" but I wasn't sure anyone would get it besides me. :)
    Marci--I think the birthday party idea would be a really good way to scale this down to a more manageable level. Hmmmmm. You've got me thinking...!

  8. Unfortunately no I never took a photo of her setup the couple times I saw it. Her hubby prob has one. Their son is THREE now, time flies, but it sounds like they are doing well in their new home. They hoped to come to my show and visit but got the flu right before.

  9. we don't have anything like those pony rides in the UK. Can't decide if it looks like fun or a bit strange!

  10. So cool to see those happy faces and stoic ponies. It reminded me of when I was a kid and one one of those longing faces staring over the fence. Sounds like it would be an amazing project!

  11. I thought you might appreciate this. We modeled a pony walker similar to that in a 3D program and brought it into a video game called Second Life, where people represented as avatars can now interact with it (and our ponies) there.

    We went with a black, a piebald, a skewbald and the mature grey skins on our Shetland ponies, but we've done that walker with pure white/palomino pinto/perlino pinto/mature grey with pink tack and way too much glitter and it was super cute too. :)