Monday, February 10, 2020

Fabian's painting party

Speaking of NaMoPaiMo parties, Fabian's third annual painting party was held this past Saturday at his home in Thornton, Colorado. The guest list for the human party included Beth, Angelo, Regan, myself, Heather, Teresa, Teresa, Sharon and, of course, Fabian.
There was also a #TeamMinisPaintingMinis party. The guest list for this one was Treebeard, Sylvia, Captain Benjamin Sisko from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Bob Ross and Jose.
There was cake...
and there were horses.
and Regan's horses got primed.
Sharon worked on her NaMoPaiMo horse...
and I worked on the Hornet I am probably never going to finish.

Painting parties are my favorite part of NaMoPaiMo. Thanks for having us again, Fabian. That was a good day!

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