Friday, February 14, 2020

Today we ride

It was seventy five degrees in Aurora on February 2. I'd planned to start painting my horse that day, but instead I went to the barn.
I did wear my NaMoPaiMo shirt, at least!
It felt like spring. There was no snow or ice in the river bottom.
Even the deep crossing that's usually frozen over was completely passable.
The next day it started snowing...
And it's snowed almost every day since then. 
But not today. 
Today was a bright, sunny fifty degrees. I saddled up Lucy, who has been ridden once in the last two months. I was expecting fireworks, but she was fine.
Karen saddled up Thunder for her first ride since she got a new hip in December. She felt fine, too, so we decided to hit the trail. 
The weather forecast predicts a couple days of sunshine before our next snowstorm. Sorry, Awesome Tribute. I know you need another coat of oils, but it just might have to wait until Tuesday...

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