Thursday, November 14, 2019

Pictures from today's ride

It's been a good week for riding with hobby friends. Sunday I rode with Fabian and Angelo. Today it was Teresa Fedak's turn. 
We went out on my two most regular rides, Stealth and Lucy. 
I usually ride Lucy in Stealth's saddle. Since that wasn't possible today, I used her owner's saddle for the first time. I've never ridden in anything like this, and I did not like it for the first ten minutes. After that, it was fine.
Teresa loved both Stealth and his saddle! This was not surprising. Stealth is a really nice horse and his saddle is my favorite.
We went out on the top and came back through the river bottom. 
Our recent snows have left the trails wet and squishy, but that didn't bother either Stealth or Lucy. Both horses were on their best behavior today.
The weather was perfect, so we weren't the only ones on the trail. Here we are crossing paths with Mary Jo and Karen.
This was a really nice ride. I am very thankful for my hobby friends, my barn friends and these two good horses!

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  1. It was a fantastic ride! 💜. A beautiful day on a wonderful horse with a great friend. 😀💕. Thank you for sharing Stealth with me. I really love him and his saddle.