Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Jennifer Show is coming

On Monday, I skipped the barn, instead choosing to drive up into the mountains to spend a day with Jennifer Scott.
The purpose of our meeting was to discuss the Jennifer Show 2019, which is slightly more than a year away. 
We made a lot of progress on that front, but we also spent some time on show and tell.
Right now, Jenn's studio is filled with Levis
 She has them in multiples sizes, versions, colors and degrees of completion....
and every single one of them is wonderful!
I also checked out the newest pieces in Jenn's small but extremely awesome tack collection. This pad and bonnet set was made by Jana Skybova and is a 1:9 scale copy of Jenn's real tack.
And then there's this...  
This Harris style Western Pleasure saddle was made by Evelyn Munday and is quite possibly the single most impressive piece of model horse tack I have ever seen.
There are so many neat things to see in Jenn's studio. It's tempting to settle in and never leave, but eventually, I always have to go outside and see the real horses.
We spent some time hanging out with Ivy,
and Myr
We ate a late lunch/early dinner outside on the deck listening to sounds of the neighbor's saxophone, the St. Bernard's snoring and the click of the electric fence.
What a wonderful day! 
Here's looking forward to the Jennifer Show 2019 and all the planning meetings that will take place between now and then!

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  1. Oh MY... that saddle is INSANE! I can see why you said that about it! I love Jennifer's horses, too. They are all beautiful and the grey dapples make my heart go pitter-pat. :)