Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Pony party

A couple weeks ago, Jennifer Scott asked me to come to her home in Evergreen to take photos of her and her Morgan gelding, Edgefield Gemstone AKA Rocky.
Of course I said yes.
Car problems almost forced me to cancel, but fortunately, Teresa offered to give me a ride. We arrived just as Jenn was finishing up Rocky's pre-photo shoot bath. 
Jenn tacked him up, and the three of us walked him to a scenic spot at the end of the street.
I took about half a million photos.
So handsome!
Then it was back home where Rocky's best bud, Myr, was impatiently waiting. 
Jenn turned both boys out in the big pasture. 
 This is a rare occurrence, so they were really excited.
Especially Myr. 
I love Myr.
I took another half million photos...
before the boys settled down... 
and went back to eating. 
Then we headed inside to play with the plastic ponies.
Teresa and I drooled over the horses on Jenn's painting table... 
(this one wants to belong to me),
admired her in progress Chinas...
and checked out her new Quarter Horse sculpture. 
He's going to be awesome. 
Jenn's NaMoPaiMo horse will also be awesome... If she ever finishes it, that is. Come on, Jenn! You can do it!
 This was such a fun day. Thanks for spending it with me, Jenn and Teresa!

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