Friday, August 10, 2018

Friday favorites

Yesterday, Heather Malone and I met up for happy hour, and what happy hour - or two - that was! The food was great, the drinks were cold and the conversation was all about model horses. We discussed old news like NAN and BreyerFest and new news like next year's NaMoPaiMo and the Jennifer Show. We reviewed recent releases and sales pieces, and we talked about all the things that are going on in the hobby right now. It was a really great way to spend an evening. Everyone who collects model horses should have a hobby happy hour with Heather.

And now everyone kind of can.
Earlier this year, Heather and her best friend, Jackie Rossi, launched the model horse hobby's first podcast, Mares in Black.
Produced and edited by Heather's partner, Josh Wesner, Mares in Black covers all aspects of model horsedom.
The most recent episode is my favorite so far. I especially enjoyed the interviews with each of the winners of this year's Best Customs Contest. How inspiring it is to listen to artists of this caliber talk from the comfort of my own studio.
This show is the perfect soundtrack for studio time and beyond. Truly, there's nothing better than listening to two smart, funny, articulate women talk about the hobby we all love. Turn them on and break out the chips and margaritas. It's almost exactly like happy hour!
Please keep up the good work, Heather and Jackie. I'll be listening.

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