Friday, August 24, 2018

Friday favorites

Earlier this summer, Breyer released a selection of stablemate scale unicorns sold in blind bags. One of those unicorns was made from a mini Alborozo. The hobby lost its collective mind.

Hobbyists clogged the aisles of stores, fondling mini unicorn blind bags in an attempt to suss out the elusive Alborozos. Others ordered entire cases of blind bags, just for the purpose of securing those Alborozos. Everyone, it seemed, wanted those mini Alborozos.

Not me. I don't collect minis, and I certainly don't collect mini unicorns.

"Mini Alborozo has no power over me, " I boasted, and I meant it. I had zero needs for mini Alborozos.

Then, Stephanie Blaylock started posting pictures like this...
 and this...
 and this.
And just like that it happened. I, too, have contracted mini Alborozo lust.
Every morning this week, I've checked on the progress of Stephanie's mini Alborozo herd.
They just keep getting better...
and better. 
Oh, how I love this light grey!
And this dapple grey... he is magic!
Who wouldn't love this amazing perlino...
and the delightfully vibrant sooty dun?
And don't even get me started on the chestnut... 
with the wee little brand. 
Okay, I admit it. I want them all.
Mini Alborozo lust is a powerful thing. 
When coupled with Stephanie Blaylock's gorgeous finishwork, it's darn near irresistible, even for a non-mini collector like me.
Stephanie's mini Alborozo herd goes on sale tomorrow. Two will be up for offers. The others will be sold via lottery by cat.
Gremma the lottery cat
As much as I would love to be selected by Gremma, that's not in the cards this time. I wasn't kidding when I said Emma had teeth problems and my house had house problems. There's no room in the budget for mini Alborozos this month, and that's okay. After all, I really don't collect minis. 
That's something I'm going to be reminding myself all weekend. I really don't collect minis.
Congratulations, Stephanie, for almost converting me to mini collector status. These Alborozos are amazing, and I expect your Alborozopalooza sale to be a huge success!


  1. I admit to buying three blind bags, but never to collecting minis. Don't ask about the tub in my storage that is full of mini props, riders, tack, barns, accessories, and horses. I don't collect them. Traditionals only.

  2. Oh, yeah, that chestnut is the one :-) And i don't collect anything!

  3. Ooh that chestnut! I want a mini Alboroza just because I have the traditional who needs a mini me.

  4. Thanks for correcting my impressions... I thought they were Trads... I love the Perlino best but they're all fantastic.

  5. I have 15 mini Albys. Horses and unicorns. I like the mini Alby much better than the traditional, since he is the mirror image, and faces right instead of left.