Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Best life

My mom hates it when I don't update my blog.

"Every time you skip a couple days," she says, "I worry that something is wrong."

And I guess there are a few things that are wrong right now. Seth has work issues, James has school issues, Emma has teeth issues and our house definitely has house issues. None of this really matters, however, because right now Jennifer's life is suddenly, amazingly filled with horses.

I've spent the last week splitting my time between Karen's cute, little Thunder...
and Kelly's equally wonderful Gunner.
Thunder is a perfect trail horse - brave, forward, sure-footed and reliable. It's a real pleasure to view the world through his ears.
Gunner is a fantastic arena horse. He's a good mover with a good brain and three good gaits.
Between them, I feel like I have the best of both worlds. Sorry, Mom. I know I haven't updated my blog lately, but there's no need to worry. I am busy living my best life.


  1. Your photos are simply superb! Thank you so much! As I scrolled through them, I could hear my mother's voice: "Now, children, don't scuffle. Somebody will get hurt!" Geldings - so goofy. :O)

  2. I feel the same way as your mom does! But being a former horse-mom, I can totally understand you not having time to update your blog! What a wonderful dilemma, choosing between two great horses to ride!!

  3. Glad to see you getting wonderful horse time :)