Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pictures from yesterday's ride

I like all the seasons, but Autumn is my favorite.  

This is especially true when it comes to trail riding.  There's nothing better than saddling better than saddling up and heading out on a bright, crisp fall day.  
Yesterday, Rev and I... 
joined our friends Valerie and Delta...
and Mary Jo and Scarlett for a nice long ramble along the trails east of Kenlyn. 
We wandered down to the Coal Creek Arena... 
then followed the fence line... 
to Eagles' Nest
We carefully picked our way through the "dead zone."
This area has been extensively damaged by prairie dogs and is filled with holes and unstable terrain.
We came out of Eagles' Nest and looped around to the other side of the riverbed.  I love the trees in this part of the Open Space. 
They look so lonely... 
and a little bit spooky! 
There is still a lot of standing water left over from last month's storms.  This has led to an explosion in the mosquito population.  
With so many bugs, it's not much fun riding down in the river bottom.  We passed through there quickly...
and headed home. 
Ah, that was such a lovely day.  I hope we have at least another good month of fall weather before winter arrives in Colorado!


  1. Stunning photography!
    Rev looks so handsome and wow Delta is quite pretty! :)

  2. That picture of you and Rev is fantastic, not least because of that sky, it seems to go on forever!

  3. At the time that picture was taken, I was pretty irritated with Rev. He would NOT stand still, and I really wanted a picture of me and him standing normally in front of a mountain backdrop. Now, however, I kind of like the dance-y prance-y look. Like it or not, that's Rev as he really is!


  4. Well rev is still cute anyway...soooooo cuteee