Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Pairs class

I spent a lot of time on Google looking for pictures of cantering pairs class entrants while preparing my Other English set-up for Rocky Mountain Spring Fling. Despite my best efforts, I never did find any. Because of this, I was really happy to see a Pairs Class on the Estes Park Horse Show's schedule. 
Problem solved!
Here's a description of the class taken straight from the prize list: The Pairs Class is open to horses and riders in either English or Western tack. It is a rail class—judged both directions of the ring at the walk, 
and lope/canter.
The pair will travel together. 
To be judged on gaits, suitability for discipline, and how the horses travel (“work”)
Pairs are encouraged to dress in similar attire to enhance the pair!
This was a really fun class for entrants and spectators alike. 
I'm glad I was there to watch and really glad to have added these pictures to my performance reference library!


  1. This is such a fantastic post ❤️

  2. OOh, this will be fun when I get more of my Geordi resins painted up!!