Thursday, July 5, 2018

Dressage trail in-hand

Another one of the fun and interesting classes on the Estes Park Horse Show's schedule was Dressage Trail In-hand.
This was the In-hand version of Dressage Trail. In fact, the test used was identical to that of the Walk-Trot In-Hand Dressage Trail class. 
Entrants navigated the trot poles...
and the mailbox.
They walked over the bridge...
and backed up in front of the judge's stand. 
They weaved through the cones, 
 picked up balls...
and threw them at targets. 
In between, they did a little bit of medium walk... 
but mostly... 
they trotted.
I never realized how much trotting there is in a dressage test... 
until I watched this class. 
This is hardcore.
Trisha is extremely fit, but even she looked relieved as she and Mac trotted over the final pole.
Halt, salute, collapse.  
Congratulations, Trisha Swift and Kourageous Mac. That was an amazing performance!