Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Dressage trail

I enjoyed all the classes at last weekend's Estes Park Show, but none more so than Dressage Trail.
Dressage trail is exactly what its name implies: a dressage test with trail obstacles included. Like Prix Caprilli, this is considered a dressage competition. It is scored like a regular dressage test, with the primary emphasis on the dressage elements (gaits, impulsion, submission effectiveness of the rider's aids and geometry and accuracy of the circles and turns).
This class has model horse performance written all over it, so I tried my best to photograph the entire Walk-Trot test. Here it is, starting with the course diagram.
1. A - Enter working trot 
 X - Halt through medium walk, salute, proceed working trot
2. Between I and G - Trot over poles
3. C - Track left
4. E - Circle left twenty meters, continue at working trot
5. FXM - One loop over poles 1 and 3, returning to track at M
6. Between M and C - Medium walk
7. S - Halt at mailbox, Remove object from mailbox
Show object to judge
Replace object and close mailbox, proceed medium walk.
8. E-F - Free walk over bridge
9. Between A and K - Working trot
10. E - Circle right 20 meters
11. Between S and H - Medium walk
12. C - Halt, reinback three to four steps, proceed medium walk
13. R-P - Leave track at R, walk over pole two, return to track at P
14. Between P and F - Working trot
15. After A - Turn down quarter line
16. Between K and V - Trot though cones, returning to track at E
17. Between E and S - Medium walk
18. H - Halt, remove object from barrel
Throw object at target on outside of arena
19. (score for accuracy of throw)
20. Between H and C - Working trot
21. MXF - One loop over poles one and three
22. A -Turn down centerline
23. Halt through medium walk, salute
As always, feel free to use my photos and class descriptions for your live show performance documentation.  And don't forget--I'd love to see a picture of your entry!


  1. So much awesome - thank you for sharing!

  2. Uhummm.. OMG YES!! THANK YOU! loL!! this looks like a ball :)

  3. Definitely using this in my next preformance show.

  4. Yay, poles in a dressage class! An excuse to paint more round sticks!

  5. Love it!!! I can keep this on file for the next show.

  6. Would judges rather see this in a dressage class or an english trail class? Probably dressage right?

    1. Either would work, but since it's a hybrid, I'd be inclined to say Other English. Best advice: Ask the Judge!