Monday, January 23, 2017

Win photos

Someday I will go to a show and not leave any of my bases at home.

Yesterday was not that day.

I only forgot one base, but it was kind of an important one. My lovely Rio Rondo Park Arabian, Andromeda Melody, won Champion Light Breed honors at the Redline Revival Winter Thrifty Show Series Resin Show.  Her victory was memorialized with an undignified shot of her lying on callback table.
I really wasn't pleased with that, so today I decided to recreate the moment, this time with her base and also better lighting.
The new and improved photo made me happy, so I decided to take similar pictures of all my champions. This is Vigilante Justice, who who the Stock Breed Championship. 
Frank was the Reserve Champion of the Sport Division, 
Liam Bray was Reserve Champion Draft... 
and Raton Cebo (Rat Bait) was Reserve Champion Stock Breed. 
I hadn't planned to do take these pictures, but I'm glad I did. This was a small but competitive show, and those wins did not come easy. Congratulations Andromeda Melody, Vigilante Justice, Frank, Liam Bray and Rait Bait! Congratulations also to the artists behind the models: Carol Williams, Stacey Tumlinson, Caroline Boydston, Sarah Rose, D'Arry Jone Frank, Jennifer Scott, Sheila Bishop and, of course, Tiffany Purdy. These awards are yours as well as mine. Thank you for sharing your talent with me. 


  1. I just love Vigilante Justice - such an incredibly rich coat!

  2. What's the meaning behind the "Bray" theme? I notice only two of your models (Jennibray and Liam Bray) have that naming trend.

    1. I was Jennifer Bray before I was Jennifer Buxton, and Tiffany thinks it's funny naming horses after me.

    2. Oh, that makes sense! Where did the name Braymere come from for your blog and tack business then? I assume it's a combination of Bray and something else?

    3. That's a good guess, but it's not actually the truth. Here's a post about the original Braymere.