Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pictures from today's ride

For various reasons, mostly related to snow and Etsy tack, my riding year has gotten off to a slow start.
I've been to the barn several times... 
but today was the first day I actually saddled up and headed down the trail. 
As usual, I was joined by Mary Jo and her wonderful Scarlett. 
Hoping for eagles, I brought my camera.

"It's too early," Mary Jo said. "The eagles don't show up until eleven."

Sure enough, the eagles' favorite tree was occupied by a hawk.
I took a lot of pictures of him before we turned around and headed home. 
As we rode down the hill toward the golf course, an eagle flew over our heads. It was 11:15.
How did I not know that eleven was the magic hour? I can't wait to make use of this knowledge. There's snow in the forecast so I don't know when I'll have a chance to ride again. However, whenever it happens, I guarantee I'll be leaving the barn at eleven o'clock!

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