Sunday, January 22, 2017


You know how I always joke about thinking all the Purdy horses should belong to me?
Well, that goes double for cute Purdy ponies. 
This pony is extra, double, super, really cute, and I think we can all agree that he should belong to me. 
He doesn't.
Under normal circumstances, this would not be okay. In this particular instance, however, I'm fine with it. This is because the pony belongs to Jane Schneider, who is one of my all time favorite people.
He is a portrait model of the first pony Jane's daughter, Marianne, ever rode. Here's a picture of that fateful ride. It was taken in 1984.
It's also worth noting that although Purdylegs belongs to Jane, he's going to be staying here with me for a little while. Thank you, Jane, for allowing me to pretend he's mine. I promise I'll take good care of him!


  1. He looks very much like the pony I first rode, named Sheba.

  2. Would you recommend oil paint or acrylic paint for customizing?

    1. It's really a matter of personal choice. There are pros and cons to each medium. I personally am attracted to oils because of the durability, long blending time and depth of colors. Acrylics dry a lot faster and are clean up with soap and water. They're cheaper, too.