Thursday, January 26, 2017

Double Darcy

Darcy is a really good dog, except for one thing.
She likes to bark...
a lot...
and she is really, really loud.
Darcy's barking tends to escalate in times of excitement, so with large numbers of out of state hobbyists visiting my house, it's no surprise that the Jennifer Show weekend was really, really, really loud. Tiffany was one of those visitors, and she's been threatening to make me a barking Darcy model ever since.
Now she has. 
Eventually little Darcy will find her way into all sorts of 1:9 scale bark-fests...
but for now I'm more interested in taking pictures of the two Darcys together.
Little with big. 
Big with little.
"Really, mama. This is getting old." 
Thank you so much, Tiffany! I love my littler, quieter Darcy.


  1. You could name her Echo. Merely looking at her could make your ears ring.

  2. How cute! Can't wait to see the mini version show up in your pictures :)

  3. LOVE the photo of Darcy yelling in your other dog's ear! The expression on the other one's face is priceless. I too have a barker, a small size rescue who can out-banshee a banshee. Fortunately, he is beginning to mellow, but there was a while when I had to wear industrial earmuffs, because he would rise up screeching if so much as a leaf fell on the lawn.

    1. Poor Darcy. She's such a good dog, but the barking is unreal. It's not her fault really. She is part Finnish Spitz, and is genetically programmed to bark. This is from the Finnish Spitz Wikipedia page: Barking[edit]
      The breed barks at anything perceived to be out of the ordinary. Barking is a major part of their hunting activities. In Finland, these dogs are prized for their barking abilities, which can range from short, sharp barks to many barks per minute that sound like a yodel. The Finnish Spitz can bark as many as 160 times per minute. In Scandinavia, a competition is held to find the "King of the Barkers." [10] In Finland, their barking ability in the field must be proven before a conformation championship can be earned.[11]