Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Prepping with pets

It all started with Porkchop.
Kristen Cermele uploaded this photo to the NaMoPaiMo Facebook group with the caption: I actually put a dent into prepping today. The phone focused on Porkchop, but that's probably for the best. 😝
Malia Booker responded with a picture of her dog and NaMoPaiMo horse. 
Then Jennifer Kroll added a rat photo and "Prepping with Pets" because a thing.
This Hazel Vickers' dog, Splash, with her Dadhikra resin...
and this cat and model belong to Alison Martin.
Nikki Button's Chihuahuas, Bailey (tan) and Bear (black) are keeping watch over a whole herd of NaMoPaiMo ponies...
while Darleen Stoddard's cat, Zoey...
not amused.
My own Darcy feels much the same.
"Why, Mom, why?" 
Emma was less photogenic but also more helpful. Here she is looking for pinholes. 
If you'd like to see your pet featured in future "Prepping with Pets" posts, please take a picture of him/her with your NaMoPaiMo model, and send it to me via email (braymere@comcast.net) or upload to the NaMoPaiMo Facebook page. In the meantime, happy prepping!

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