Sunday, January 8, 2017

The rules

People keep asking me about the NaMoPaiMo rules...
There aren't many. 

This is a very public but also extremely individual challenge. The goal is to encourage everyone, regardless of skill level, to paint a horse during the month of February. 

It doesn't matter if that horse is big or little...
or if it's made of plastic, resin or ceramic.
Longeared equines are okay, too,
but cows, dogs, cats, goats, pigs, rats and other assorted critters are not. Sorry! 
Three dimensional sculptures are best, but if you really want to paint a medallion, I guess that's alright. 
You can paint your horse with oils
pastels or any other medium that strikes your fancy.
Basically, the only rule that really matters is that you start February 1 with an unpainted model...
prepped and primed is fine... 
and finish February 28 with a fully painted horse!
There may be some other optional parts to this challenge that include official registration, critiques and swag. I'm still working on that. Mostly, however, this is a fun challenge designed to get people painting. Feel free to adapt it to suit your own means. I promise, I won't be offended!


  1. If I can get a model to paint in time, I would love to participate! It seems like it will be a lot of fun.

  2. Count me in! Now to find a model that is in one piece...

  3. Going to be a bit tricky because of the weather (sub zero and snowing) but I'm going to try. I have a couple of darling prepped minis calling to be painted. Fun! Thanks Jennifer!

  4. Yes!!
    I've learnt a lot since my last painting attempts. Time to put it into practice!

  5. I can't wait! Let's see.... I have quite a few classics and stablemates, but due to lack of supplies I will do {maybe} 3 stablemates.

    My biggest issue: I spend too much time looking at cool colors instead of actually painting!

    1. I think this is a common issue.

    2. I have that problem too - 18 million reference pictures (or so) in my library, and counting... While the number of horses I actually paint has been in the single digits each year (if that). Hoping to change that this year, and this will be a good push. :)

  6. Hiya! I was wondering if you still have the unpainted PS pony in your collection, as I have one who looks very similar (Same mark on barrel)

    1. I took that picture yesterday, so she's definitely still here. Maybe someday I'll paint her.


  7. I haven't painted in years! Looking forward to the challenge. Now if I can decide what to paint... Lots of bodies here.

  8. I'm in with a ceramic as I have way too many nekkid bisques here LOL.

  9. I'm ALWAYS up for painting. I can't get to my airbrush, so it will have to be hand painting ... might as well be an appaloosa then! Or dapple grey ...