Sunday, January 29, 2017

My sign-up

As of right now, there are one hundred and eighteen people signed up to participate in NaMoPaiMo. My name is first on the spreadsheet.
In case anyone is interested, here is my official sign-up info. The first two items are no-brainers. My name is Jennifer Buxton and my email address is The next, Skill Level, is a lot harder. As much as I feel like a beginner, I'm really not.
I've finished less than a dozen models in my lifetime, but most of them have NAN cards.
That doesn't mean they'd be competitive at NAN, of course, but I'm not embarrassed by them either. 
After a lot of consideration, I listed myself as an "advance intermediate." I think that's reasonably accurate.
Onto the victim! I will be painting a Carissa Kirksey Aggie resin.
This was my payment for judging last summer's Models in the Mountains show.
photo by Corina Roberts
She is a lovely sculpture, and I hope I do her justice.
My painting plan is to use oils over an acrylic basecoat. I will then add white markings with acrylics. 
Aggie will be a typical Clydesdale bay with lots of white.
Since I really do not want to ruin Aggie, I will also be painting this medallion as a test piece.
Lastly, I live in the United States of America, specifically, in the state of Colorado.
And that's it. I am officially signed up. Now all I have to do is actually paint my horse!


  1. Will you be airbrushing your base coat or hand painting it?

    1. I don't own an airbrush, so I'll be doing it by hand.

  2. I think you'll soon be having another accomplished show model =) I'm sure she'll turn out very Purdy!

  3. Mybrents won't let me enter officially, so here is info just beacuase.
    Stablemate G4 Andelusion?
    Bay, pastels/acrylics.

    I forgot to officially enter yesterday. Can I still enter? please, please, please.
    I bought my model yesterday and just totally forgot when I got home.

    1. Yes! I was really sick yesterday and barely got out of bed, so NaMoPaiMo entries are still being accepted.

  5. Am I too late to sign up? I'd have a bit of catching up to do but I could do with some motivation!