Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Pictures from yesterday's ride

Yesterday was supposed to be a studio day, but even though it was cold and windy, all I wanted to do was ride. I made a few good faith efforts to finish up orders, but my heart wasn't in it. Eventually I put on my insulated boots, winter breeches and down jacket and headed out to the barn.
I had it in my mind that I would see an eagle, but none were apparent as we approached their favorite trees. "Oh, well," I told Santana, "That was a little optimistic expecting to see one so early in the season." 
And just like that, a bald eagle flew into view.
He touched down briefly on the tree then took off again, swooping down over our heads.
For a moment, I thought he was going to drop his dinner on top of us.
Santana is a pretty chill horse, but that might be too much even for him.  
Fortunately, it didn't happen. The eagle corrected his course...
and flew away.
"That was cool," I told Santana, and we rode on. 
Pretty soon I started to notice some activity down in the trees.
At first they were almost too far away and too hidden to enjoy.
it was deer here... 
deer there...
deer everywhere!
What a great day for a ride! 
I am so glad I let myself play hooky yesterday. It means more work for me today, but that was totally worth it.


  1. Jennifer--*where* on earth do you live that you're *so* close to wildlife??? For some reason I thought you might be a "city" person --but you must be out in the suburbs/country somewhere!! How *beautiful* that eagle is!! Do you think the deer are in their rutting season (the buck's neck look swollen) for so many to be out and about??? Thank you for blogging and sharing the photos!! No wonder you have over 3 million views! I wish I could have gone with you! The only "wild life" around here are the city squirrels, sparrows, and ocassional opossum or raccoons!! Will *gladly* trade ya places!!