Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Jennifer Show halter prizes

The Jennifer Show performance division is my baby, and I've written extensively about the different championship sections and the prizes that will be offered for each.
I've written less about the halter classes, which may lead some readers to conclude that prizes there are somewhat less impressive... Trust me, that is simply not the case!
Every single model that wins a halter class will also win a Potato Chip medallion, dark blue for Breed...
and light blue for Workmanship. 
Similarly, every second place horse will win a red medallion. 
Again, there's a slight color difference for Breed and Workmanship. 
Division Champions and Reserve Champions will win the resin bust Jenn and I have been referring to as "Potato Chip Husband."  This is a photo of the original clay sculpture, but he will also be cast in blue and red resin.
Overall Champions and Reserve Champions in the Mini Breed and Workmanship Divisions will be awarded Dainty Darcy resins. Sorry, these will be the standard issue white, not red and blue!
Overall Champions and Reserve Champions in the Custom Glaze China divisions will receive China Darcys. These will be clear-glazed in gloss for our Champs and satin for the Reserves.
Finally, the big winners in the Artist Resin and Custom divisions will win each win a Rajah resin.  
As you can clearly see, the Jennifer Show is more than just a performance show. The halter divisions, and their prizes, are every bit as impressive as their performance counterparts. I can't wait to see all Potato Chips, Husbands, Darcys and Rajahs lined up on the Prize table!


  1. I have a grand total of 5 very below average model horses, and I want to go to your show SO BADLY! Y'all will have a blast.

  2. WHOA! These prizes are amazing! Shame that I don't show or live in the US haha! It looks like this show will be amazing. Props to you and everybody involved in organizing this!

  3. I don't even live show and I wish I could go to this one! It looks like so much fun just to participate!