Monday, August 15, 2016

Fabian's hobby party

Yesterday, Fabian hosted a hobby day at his house. Collyn, Teresa, Jane, Beth and I attended.
 Although this was billed as an "Arts and Crap" party, the first part of the day was spent socializing in Fabian's living room. 
Eventually, however, we found our way upstairs to the hobby room.
There were so many wonderful things to see!
Fabian's collection is mostly comprised of Iberian horses... 
(any of these El Monumentos could come live with me)... 
and Norwegian Fjords. 
There's the original Cisco model
He also has a nice assortment of cattle...
and two totally different types of pigs. 
Oh, how I love this little one! 
After we'd looked at all the horses, Fabian broke out the pastels...
and showed us what he's been working on.
After that, we spent a little time playing with tack. This lovely bridle and mosquero were made by Terri Wright of Priam Costumes.
Fabian dabbles in tack making. This Native American costume...
and Arabian halter are his work...
as are these sculpted on micro mini sidesaddles. 
Of course, the day wouldn't have been complete without a pony visit.
Cisco was his usual charming self, and I was delighted to get a close up look at Fabian's new Spanish sidesaddle. I would have loved to have ridden in it, but alas, I was wearing shorts and sandals. Maybe next time!
Speaking of which, I am not an equestrian fashionista by any means, but I never, ever wear sandals to the barn. This was a once and only once kind of occasion, so naturally I had to photo-document the experience!
photo by Beth McCarley
This was a fun day. Thanks for the invite, Fabian!


  1. Yeah, I don't wear flippers out there either but...

  2. Love this!!! (I used to wear Nike sandals to ride in all the time, knowing full well how stupid people thought it was. I hate shoes. Took "hack" to a whole new level...)

  3. LOL, well you joined me in the First Sandals department this summer, then. I photo-document, too! I think it's okay if you actually know better. ;)