Friday, August 26, 2016

Sweet relief

The Jennifer Show Overall Performance Championship saddles are finished.
They didn't come easy. I used a new pattern, and as recently as yesterday morning, I wasn't sure that the pattern changes were going to work.
Sometimes it's good to be wrong. 
Despite my misgivings, everything came together beautifully. 
In fact, these just might be the best two saddles I've ever made.
 It's a real relief having these done. I've had nightmares about eleventh hour tack making and Championship IOU's. Now I can move on to all the million other things that are still on my list. The Jennifer Show is less than a month away!


  1. Every new saddle is your best!You just improve!

    1. There have been a lot of plateaus in my saddle making career. Right now, I do think each one is a little better than the one before it. I hope that continues for a while.

  2. Only words that come to mind when I look at these pictures are: Absolutely stunning. And you got them done so fast!! I'm still, sorta, working on my very first saddle. It's been, what, a couple of years now? haha ;)

    1. I know it seems fast to everyone else, but I spent five long studio days on these... Felt like forever!

      Of course, whenever Jenn sends me a photo of one of the raffle Rajahs, I think, "WOW! Those are coming together so quickly!" but I bet it doesn't feel fast to her.