Sunday, August 28, 2016

Real horse weekend

Recently, most of my time has been dedicated to the Jennifer Show, but this weekend was all about the real horses. 

Yesterday, I audited a Buck Brannaman clinic with a group of barn friends.
We stayed for two sessions. The first was Horsemanship I. 
This was a beginners' class and included horses and riders of all skill levels and disciplines. 
The afternoon session, Horsemanship II, was smaller...
and more advanced... 
and included cutting... 
and roping. 
Today, I went on a trail ride with Karen and Mary Jo.
This was almost certainly my last ride on Chino, and he was his usual stellar self.
I know he will do great in his new home, but I'm going to miss that face... 
and those ears! 
Tomorrow it's back to the Jennifer Show. I have some great new donations to share!

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