Thursday, August 18, 2016

Fabian's TJS donation

I have become that annoying person who, when invited to a friend's house, goes there with my hand out looking for donations. Thankfully, I have wonderful, generous and understanding friends who are just as excited about the Jennifer Show as I am.
Here's what Fabian donated to our show.
This is a Sarah Rose Mini Khemosabi resin. It's large stablemate scale and is absolutely exquisite. If I collected minis, I would have a whole shelf of Mini Khemos. He is that lovely. 
That's not all. Fabian has arranged for Mini Khemo to receive a free custom paint job by Kirsten Wellman of White Horse Productions
photo and finishwork by Kirsten Wellman
Kirsten is an accomplished finishwork artist. I am particularly fond of her red bays, but as you can see, she's capable of painting that Mini Khemo any number of colors!
photo and finishwork by Kirsten Wellman
Thank you again, Fabian. I really appreciate both the hospitality and the amazing donation!

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