Monday, August 1, 2016

Breyerfest loot

"Loot photos" are my favorite part of the post Breyerfest period.
photo by Vicky Norris
Of course, the only thing better than seeing everyone's new things in photos is getting to see them in person!
Yesterday, Teresa came over with a tub full of NAN, Breakables and Breyerfest loot, and I had a great time inspecting and photographing all the pretty things. 
There were a few items she bought from hobby artists, including a full set of boots by Pat Coulter,
two dolls by Sheri Wirtz, three saddle blankets by Carrie Sloan Meyer and a whip by an artist whose name I can't remember. Sorry!
There were also a pair of "secondhand" models, one plastic and one clinky.
Mostly, however, there were brand new Breyers. This is the celebration horse, Imperador das Ajuas JM. He was sculpted by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig. 
The little dun Valegro was a single day ticket model... 
and this was the Volunteer horse.
I'm not usually a Carrick fan, but this color looks really good on him.
The next three models were Breyerfest Special Runs. Mamacita...
and Chico were sold as a set and are both lovely.
My favorite of the group is the blue roan tobiano Bozeman.
I really like this guy, and I hope he's the one Tiffany and Erin bought for me. I will cry if they got me a pegatits Estrela do Carnival instead.
Speaking of purchases for Jennifer... Teresa also bought two handy little measuring sticks for the Jennifer Show. These will be great prizes.
Thank you so much, Teresa, and not just for your generous donation. It was a real treat to see all your Breyerfest loot in person. Maybe we can make this a tradition?


  1. Ooh, my Bozeman! ;) You should feel special, getting to see him before me, hahaha!

    I love those measuring sticks. If you guys figure out who made them, I'd be interested in a set - maybe then I wouldn't feel so intimidated by over fences stuff.

    Also, your picture of the Carrick is the best I've seen. Now I want one, as his coloring looks quite nice. :)

    1. I've been told that Michelle Masters made the measuring sticks. They are awesome and should be part of every performance shower's show kit.

      Also, your Bozeman is really nice. I think you're going to be thrilled with him.


  2. The measuring sticks are fantastic! I assume they're for traditional models? A set in all scales would be amazing!

  3. Lovely models. I wish I could nab a boseman!

  4. Enjoyed our visit as usual! Happy to share the fun and next time I go, will happily share again. :)