Sunday, August 21, 2016

Grace's TJS donation

I first "met" Grace LeDoux through my 2012 Gift Horse Giveaway. In the years since then, she's become one of my favorite bloggers and mini scale tack makers.
BreyerWest 2016 Other Performance Champion, owned by Sue Manly, tack by Grace LeDoux
I emailed Grace earlier this year and asked if she would be willing to donate a piece or two to the Jennifer Show. Because I knew she was in a tack making funk, I didn't expect much. Honestly, I would have been delighted with just a halter.
halter and photo by Grace LeDoux
Yesterday, I received a box from Grace. Inside, I found a Breyer mini Valegro, who was sculpted by my Jennifer Show co-host, Jennifer Scott. He was decked out in a lovely custom TJS  blanket...
complete with the date on the offside. 
I thought that was a perfectly lovely donation, but it wasn't the only donation. As I was emptying the box in preparation for recycling, I found another tiny little bundle.
Holy crap! How can anyone make something this small and this perfect?
My camera doesn't want to pick up all the tiny details, but trust me, this thing is awesome.
Of course, I had to try tacking up the little Valegro. The saddle went on very easily, but I am not used to mini scale tack, so I struggled with the bridle. Still, I think I got it pretty close. With a little practice, I'm sure I could do better.
Thank you so much, Grace! This was so much more than I expected and also so awesome!


  1. I went all clappy hands when I saw the Mini Valegro touch to it too! I honest to goodness don't know how the super-tiny-things artists do the magic they do. Grace, this is fantastic and so appreciated!

  2. Impressive! And now I've a new blog to follow!

  3. Yay! So glad it reached you okay! :)

  4. Mini tack makers unite! So exciting to see other people working - and working WELL - in this scale!

  5. Actually... Grace's secret is that she outsources the work to a consortium of tiny mice! It's their teeny pink hands that make those impossibly small, perfect details. You should see my Stage Left polo tack set with a gag snaffle bridle! And the gag snaffle works - the rope actually slides!!!

  6. Grace is an extraordinary artist. I am the lucky owner of the little stock halter and it is exquisite. Easy to use, too. TJS is a showcase of talent in prizes, with the scope of a national event.

  7. I love Grace's tack!
    Unfortunately, I buy too many models to ever buy more tack.

    Only got 2 horses this week, it's getting better...

  8. Wow, This Jennifer Show sounds like the place to be at. i wish I could be there and see all of the awesomeness that it will be but alas, I live on the east coast and don't have any vacation time left.