Friday, April 8, 2016

Real horses at BreyerWest

BreyerWest was held in conjunction with the Northwest Horse Fair and Expo, so it's no surprise that my weekend in Oregon was filled with real horse as well as models.
Friday was the Open Show. I was judging, so I barely had time to breathe, let alone visit the arena or stable area. 
Mmy schedule was much less crowded on Saturday. This allowed me to spend some quality time outside watching horses.
I especially enjoyed the Quarter Ponies,
 none of which were Quarter Horse colored.
The star of the group was Smokin' Doubledutch. This tobiano mare has a stellar show record in multiple disciplines, including halter, trail, driving, English and equitation.
She's also a Breyer horse
I took lots of pictures of her...
and her harness!
Because, you know, I never miss a chance to add to my reference files!
My favorite pony of the group was the Appaloosa gelding.
I have a serious soft spot for varnish appaloosas, so I took lots of pictures of him, too.
Both sides...
plus detail shots. 
Sunday, I walked through the barn area with fellow hobbyists, Sandra Gibson, Meredith Conrad and Lesli Kathman. 
This was so much fun.
photo by Sandra Gibson
The Canadians...
 loved on the Canadian horses.
I found the Quarter Ponies... 
and spent some time with my Appy friend. 
photo by Sandra Gibson
Meredith almost got eaten by an Icelandic... 
photo by Sandra Gibson
and Lesli took lots of pictures. 
This is no surprise. Lesli literally wrote the book on horse colors, so she is always on the lookout for unusual colors and markings.
Even on tiptoes,
photo by Sandra Gibson
Lesli wasn't tall enough to photograph this Fjord's dorsal stripe. Fortunately, Sandra was there to help out!
The models have have been center stage, but I enjoyed the real horses of BreyerWest nearly as much. This was a wonderful, horse-filled weekend!


  1. That Appy pony is gorgeous.

    Just found this halter and thought you should give it a try.

  2. I always wanted more pictures of Smokin Double Dutch, so thanks so much! Wonderful coverage and great captions.

  3. In my opinion, the best way to be eaten *is* to be eaten by an Icelandic :)

    1. It's comments like this that make me wish Blogspot had a "like" feature!