Monday, April 25, 2016

Foaling season

Spring isn't just mud season and shedding season, it's also foaling season.
With only one foal due this year, James and I knew our chances of being present at a birth were fairly small. Fortunately, Mahaganaska was very accommodating. She had her foal right on schedule and not too late at night. This was the scene when James and I arrived.
"Hello, little one." 
A few minutes later, the umbilical cord broke. Linda treated the filly's navel with iodine... 
 and Lee toweled her dry.
Of course, James had to sneak in there, too. For some reason he thinks this foal is his.
She's not, but she'd be a good one. She was on her feet in less than a half hour. 
Not even wobbly! 
James helped guide her in...
 for her first meal.
Then she sampled a little hay...
and passed the meconium. 
With all her first day milestones behind her, it was time for photos! 
Okay, I kind of want her, too. 
What a fun foaling party...
and what a beautiful foal! 
Thank you, Mahaganaska.
And now I'm off to the barn again to see "our" baby in the sunlight!


  1. What a wonderful experience!!! Beautiful foal! Looking forward to seeing her grow up through your amazing photos. :)

  2. Such an incredible filly! I have no doubt that this little one will have many more blog posts. Does she have a name yet?

  3. Yay, Mahaganaska! She's already produced a smashing foal... I'm excited to see what this little one has in store!

  4. Oh she is beautiful! <3 I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures :D

  5. Beautiful Momma, beautiful baby! Congratulations to all! :o)

  6. Mom is Mahaganaska and the sire is Awesome Knight. This filly is bred to be an elite endurance horse. Three of her full siblings have finished Tevis and another won a big reining futurity.


  7. What a gorgeous girl! I am currently waiting for 2 foals to drop. My best friend breeds QHs and APHs, yet I still haven't managed to be there for a birth. It's on the bucket list!