Saturday, April 23, 2016


Horse Nation is holding a contest to crown the World's Best Lesson Horse, and my favorite, living school horse, Olympia, is one of the finalists. Here's her biography, which was written by my riding buddy, Mary Jo. 

by Mary Jo Stark
Born during the opening ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics, Twin Peak Olympia (Greentree Brigadier x UVM Noontide) was destined for greatness from the beginning. 
Sarah Jarvis bought Olympia as a yearling with the intention of showing her in carriage driving and dressage, but her life and business changed, and Olympia found her niche as lesson horse extraordinaire.
Photo by Sarah Jarvis
In eleven years, Olympia has guided students through their first trail rides, over their first jumps ad into their first show rings. 
Photo by Sarah Jarvis
Her kind, patient disposition and classic Morgan work ethic make her ideal for teaching. Her students have ranged in age from less than one to more than eighty years. Olympia is especially talented when pair with special needs students, including two young people with autism.
Photo by Mark Davis
A girl who found riding too physically stimulating learned how to experience horses in a new way, from the seat of a buggy, whereas a young boy, Mark, improved his coordination, balance, and self-confidence and now shows in dressage, combining his new skills with Olympia’s special knowledge. 
According to Mark’s grandfather, “I trust Olympia has only good intentions for her riders, which is important to parents of special needs students.
Olympia with her best friend, Missy
All of the horses nominated for this award are worthy, but I am biased. I know Olympia, and I've ridden Olympia. She truly is truly the epitome of the World's Best Lesson Horse. Please visit Horse Nation's website and vote for Olympia!

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