Saturday, April 9, 2016

Olive's pony ride

Erin's daughter, Olive, is perhaps the cutest non-Buxton baby ever.
I have "known" Olive via social media since before she was born, but I hadn't met her in person until BreyerWest. She did not disappoint.
One of the highlights of my recent trip to Oregon was witnessing Olive's first real pony ride.
Olive was a little hesitant at first.
She looked at the pony...
and looked at her mom...
And then, before she could say no....
Erin lowered her into the saddle.
They went around...
and around. 
"Wave for the camera, Olive!" 
"Or ride with no hands. Whatever."
By the end, she was really getting into it. 
Good job, Olive! Next stop, the Olympics!

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  1. There is something very special about being there to witness a first "pony" ride.