Friday, April 1, 2016

BreyerWest Sunday

Sunday was the last day of BreyerWest.
There were no shows on Sunday, but there were still plenty of hobby related activities. 
Shana Bobbitt manned an informational booth...
and spent the day demonstrating answering questions...
and demonstrating finishwork and prepping techniques. 
Bethany Shaw and Stacy Quick...
taught a customizing workshop. 
Appropriately, Stacy's shirt reads "I will cut you."  
Here's a group photo of the workshop attendees with their models. Good work, ladies! 
photo by Erin Corbett
I also taught a workshop. More on that later!
photo by Erin Corbett
The day ended with some impromptu Breyer giveaways. 
Every day at BreyerWest good day, and Sunday was no exception. Thank you so much to BreyerWest host, Erin Corbett...
and Breyer representatives, Jamie and Rowena, for making all of this possible.
BreyerWest 2016 was a huge success. Here's looking forward to the 2017 edition!


  1. The look on the face of the little girl in the pink coat! Takes me back to my own wonder years with my carpet herd. :)

    1. Giving Breyers to kids at a horse expo is really, really fun.