Saturday, April 2, 2016

Halter workshop

As you can see in the picture below, I really enjoyed teaching the halter making workshop at this year's BreyerWest.
photo by Sandra Gibson
Workshop participants received a brand new Topsails Rien Maker and a baggie full of tackmaking tools and supplies.
The first part of the class was devoted to preparing the lace. This is hard, messy work...
and there was a little bit of bloodshed. 
Still, nearly everyone figured it out pretty quickly.
Once the halters started to take shape,
I invited the class to come up to my table for a demonstration of advanced techniques. These included stitch marking, hole punchingrolled throatlatches, tongue buckles and roller buckles.
Some of the more ambitious students were able to take this information and put it to immediate use. Cece...
and Mandy's halters had rolled throatlatches...
and Amanda's featured a rolled throatlatch and tongue buckles. So awesome!
Some people finished their halters in record time,
others took a little longer...
but in the end,
everyone went home with a finished halter.
And I think we all had fun, too.
Thanks to everyone who participated in this workshop, and also to Leah Koerper, for her invaluable hands on assistance and amazing problem solving skills. You all are the best!


  1. I know you told us in class, but i did not write it diwn. What metal do you use to make the rollers on buckles, where do you purchase it, does it have a brand name? Incredible learning class, thank you so much for teaching. Cece

    1. If you click on the words "roller buckles" in this post, you will be re-directed to an old post that describes the entire process.


    2. Thank you Jennifer. I found it

  2. Thank you again for a fun time, and hanging out in our impromptu painting session. It was a blast.